MAX Freezer Tracker

  • Easily Track the Location and Movement of Sample Plates and Tubes Across Multiple Freezers In Multiple Locations.

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    Zebra ZT230 Thermal Transfer Bar Code Printer

    Zebra ZT230 Thermal Transfer Bar Code Printer

    Release 7.0 Now Available!

    with SMART Track

    MAX’s Freezer Tracking acts as a “GPS” for sample freezers.  In this barcode-based solution, a portable scanner provides a very efficient and user-friendly interface that allows lab personnel to visually navigate through the storage system to perform check-outs, check-ins, moves, and inventory.  Throughout any activity, the details of plate and tube location is tracked and easily viewed via a browser on any desktop.  The result is improved productivity in plate and tube management along with up-to-date, accurate location and movement information for all your sample plates and tubes.  Quick access to where samples are and who handle the samples in the past.

    As part of MAX’s Freezer Tracking,  all the components of the sample repository are labeled with bar codes.  This includes freezers, racks, boxes, plates and tubes.  Existing bar codes on plates and tubes can be used.  To create new bar codes, MAX can provide you with bar code labels that are rated for -80 degree freezers or even for storage in liquid nitrogen.  A variety of labels are available from standard labels, for labeling freezers, to wrap-around labels for tubes.

    MAX can customize labels to fit your specific labeling needs.  In addition, we can offer you printers to create the bar code labels.  This can range from a small desktop label printer to a high-volume label printer for large applications.

    Tubes Label

    Tubes Labels

    Plate Label

    Plate Labels

    Slide Label

    Slide Labels

    Straw Label

    Straw Labels

    Vial Label

    Vial Labels

    We offer repository labels for the identification of test tubes, cryovials , slides, straw & centrifuge tubes stored in freezers and liquid nitrogen.  These labels come in a variety of materials and sizes to meet your requirements.  Many of the labels are resistant to chemicals and solvents and are suitable for use in autoclaves & hot water ( 100 Deg C) baths.

    MAXestore offers a variety of Cold labels fully tested at temperature as low as liquid Nitrogen.

    FIND offer full management of Biographical and location attributes of tubes, plates and Slide Labelslides.

    Configure, manage, print bar code labels for boxes, rack and freezers.

    Manage, track, locate your samples.  Know every thing that happened to a sample, who did what and when.

    FIND Mobile and a PDA with an integrated bar code scanner makes tracking of check in, checkout, inventory and move painless.  No more clip boards, spreadsheets, and paper based pick lists,

    MAX’s Freezer Tracking System is now available in 4 versions.  You can upgrade from one version to another with 100% credit of software license.  Migration is painless.

    FINDLabel Smart Labeling  Label Version is designed to work with Zebra Code Printers for smart printing Sample labels.
    FINDBasic FIND Label + SMART Attribute Tracking  Basic Version is to provide basic management of sample as well as labeling functionality.
    FINDstd FIND Basic + Mobile Tracking  FIND Standard Version provides additional functionality of location management and a mobile scanning bar code scanning unit.
    FINDPRO FIND Standard + Web Reporting + Oracle/SQL Server + Out of Freezer Tracking  FIND Professional Version provides additional functionality for web browser access to sample information and “Out of Freezer”/change of custody tracking and large scale installation with MS SQL Server or Oracle

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